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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter: Dec. 9 - Texas, Texas and More Texas

Plus, a Texas Bowl hype video and the Tweet of the Week!

That 2000 Cotton Bowl not going as planned, Mack?
That 2000 Cotton Bowl not going as planned, Mack?
Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Texas Forever. Wait, no, I don't mean that. Just finished watching FNL the TV series (for the fifth time), sorry. Sunday, Arkansas was handed a terrific opportunity to face Texas in the Texas Bowl. Despite not playing much over the last decade, the hate is still very much alive and kicking. And believe it or not, the hate is even on the Twitters, coming from an Arkansas freshman receiver. Burnt Orange Nation, UT's SB Nation site, was not happy about it. And neither were the Texas players. These next three weeks are going to be so boring. I bet nothing hateful is said on message boards or happens between fan bases from now until kickoff.

It may not occur to most fans of Arkansas and Texas because of the hate rage since Sunday afternoon, but both teams did just enough to become bowl eligible and sit at 6-6. For Arkansas it was a surprising six-win season. For Texas, a six-win season, with all of the straight cash homie and resources, should never, never, ever, ever happen. But here we are. Despite these teams' records, it promises to be one of the most talked about bowl games outside of the CFB Playoff and New Year's 6 bowls. But according to SB Nation's smart people, the numbers say this isn't a good matchup for the other guys. ESPN, on the other hand, has the game in the top half of the best bowl games this season.

You shouldn't need a hype video or any message board to get you excited and to play Texas. But just in case you're having a tough day, if you have a few minutes, check this Texas Bowl hype video out. It'll give you all of the chills. The combination of the voiceover and the highlights will make you want to run through a bunch of things. It's not an official UA video but it's REAL good. Get. Ready.

As posted by Doc Sunday, offensive lineman Brey Cook understands what the Arkansas-Texas rivalry means. He dreamed of playing UT in Texas as a Razorback growing up. He's finally going to get that chance later this month. But he's not the only Arkansas kid that gets itBrandon Allen and Alan Turner do, too.

Tweet of the Week

Now this ... this is some real hate.