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2014 Arkansas Fight Bowl Pick'em Trial of Honor

Now that we're bowl participants again, let's do a pick 'em challenge TRIAL OF HONOR

Rob Carr/Getty Images

It's great to be excited for bowl season again, so let's have some fun.

We've set up a bowl pick 'em contest over on Yahoo that all of you can join.

We're listed on Yahoo! as the Arkansas Fight Bowl Pick'em.

Our group ID is 14333

The group password is, as always, bertlyfe

The bowls are up and ready to go, so you can make your picks immediately. This is a "confidence picks" type of challenge, so once you make your choice on the game winner, you have to rank that winner on a scale of 1-39. 1 is least confident and 39 is most confident.

If you're not familiar with that setup, you earn more points for picking games with higher confidence levels. For instance, for all of you who pick Arkansas to beat Texas with a confidence level of 39, you get 39 points. If your confidence level is lower, you'll get whatever lower number of points you associate with it.

I'll try to post scoring updates a couple of times.

As for prizes, well, I had what I thought was a great idea for a winner's prize, but SB Nation nixed it. Apparently it was against policy or some such. So, the winner gets the following, 1-0 status, some Jeff Long-certified INTEGRITY, and recognition on this here page on the information superhighway.

The loser will get trolled by Ryan Higgins, and if he finishes last we can all troll him.

The bowls begin on Saturday, so you've got all week to make your picks. Use your Arkansas Fight handle if you can so we can all see who you are.

Have at it!