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Arkansas vs. LSU Preview Q&A with And the Valley Shook

Billy Gomila ( @ATVS_ChefBilly ) of And the Valley Shook was nice enough to answer my questions about the LSU program and the game this weekend.

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AF: How bad is the situation with Jennings at quarterback and what would you offer us if Arkansas was wiling to trade Brandon Allen?

BG: It looks pretty bad right now, but he's gotten us this far. Plus he's only 19 and he's throwing to a bunch of 18/19-year-olds to boot. What's Allen's excuse?

AF: Did you think you would ever miss this guy?

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BG: Anybody who saw him play last year had to know he'd be missed. Third downs were pretty much automatic. I certainly didn't see Jennings struggling this much, but I knew there'd be a step back. Honestly, after that level of play last year I'm not sure how there wouldn't be.

AF: What is more embarrassing: having Arkansas break their SEC losing streak against you, or the fact that Casey Dick finished his career on a two game winning streak against you guys?

BG: Excuse me, I need to go knock on Bo Pelini's door and kick him in the testicles.

AF: Does it say more about Arkansas that they are a Vegas favorite this week, or does it say more about LSU being the underdog coming off Bama week?

BG: I've seen enough of the Hogs to know that they're a pretty nice team with some horrible, horrible luck. I've had a healthy amount of existential dread about this game for two months -- just HOPING that somebody else would lose to you guys before LSU came to town. And now we even get the fluke of weather LSU hasn't seen in decades. Yaaaaaay...

AF: Is there any type of hot seat for Les Miles if he loses this game and is there any worry/hope that Michigan is interested in him at the end of the season?

BG: There's always going to be a portion of LSU fans that are just dead-set against the guy. They mostly were from the moment he was hired, and, well...who wants to admit that they're wrong on an internet message board, like...ever. So they'll carry that one to their grave. But overall most LSU fans have come to appreciate that he's probably the greatest coach in school history, and a pretty good guy with a colorful personality to boot. He recruits well, hires good assistants and his players fight like hell for him. Replacing him is going to suuuuck.

I'm not really worried about the Michigan thing a this point because A) he's already turned them down twice and B) at 62 years old, I just have a hard time thinking he'll be as high on their list a third time. He's much closer to the end of his career than to the beginning at this point.

AF: Game prediction.

BG: I've never been one for score predictions. It's hard to pick against LSU in this game because at the end, with the defense and the running game I feel like the Tigers can just lean on Arkansas and eventually get out of their with the win. But I'm nervous as hell and completely aware that LSU could be walking into one hell of a trap.