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Bret Bielema Addresses Punt Returner Situation; Could Arkansas Burn JoJo Robinson's Redshirt?

After a sloppy day against UAB, the Razorbacks are looking to tighten up their special teams.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Despite converting all extra points and a 49-yard field goal courtesy "new" kicker Adam McFain, Arkansas still had a lot of issues on special teams, particularly in returning punts.

Few punts have been caught this year, and twice on Saturday, punt returners played dangerously with attempts to field the ball. Bielema made it clear after the game he would open the spot up this week, and he made one interesting point on the SEC teleconference Wednesday:

Personally, I hope JoJo Robinson doesn't win the job this year because I think it would be a waste to burn his redshirt just so he can return punts for four games. Unless he actually is Joe Adams back there and can also be a significant contributor as a receiver on offense (and if so, why has it taken this long to get him on the field), he should probably save his eligibility at this point.

Robinson was one of the more highly-touted prospects in the 2014 recruiting class and was expected by many to contribute immediately, possibly as a returner in addition to receiver. However, he suffered an injury early in the season after getting "stepped on" in practice and the coaches elected then to redshirt him.

And, frankly, I disagree with Bielema on allowing the redshirt question to fall on the player. The coaches should be able to see the big picture of a player's career and how it fits in the program better than a college freshman.

One interesting name was included as a potential punt returner, no not Sebastian Tretola, unfortunately.

He returned punts in high school, apparently. The others competing for the job are likely other receivers and defensive backs

We'll find out on Saturday if D.J. Dean was able to keep his spot or if somebody beat him out.