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Arkansas Razorback Internet Chatter: Oct. 28 - CLANGA Preview, CFB Playoff How-To, Arkansas Basketball Previews AND MORE

Plus, what people in Starkville do when they're bored, and the Tweet of the Week!

Andy Lyons

Big game in Starkville, Mississippi this weekend, y'all. Arkansas faces off with its fifth straight top 10 opponent, this time the No. 1 team in the land. It still doesn't sound right saying that, and playing at No. 1 MSU doesn't sound anywhere nearly as daunting as playing at No. 1 Alabama or Auburn or any other top team. It will be vital that Arkansas gets past its win over UAB as soon as possible and focus on the Bulldogs. CLANGA CLANGA CLANGA CLANGA

There is a lot of excitement and angst among college football fans for the release of the first top 25 from the College Football Playoff committee tonight which means everyone has their own personal preference as to who should get in. It can get pretty dadgum complicated when trying to figure out who the best teams are. You've got head-to-head matchups, most deserving teams, strength of schedule and of course whether Team X is an SEC school or not. Not to worry, however. Faux Pelini is here to help you pick your CFB Playoff teams.

Just in time for the College Football Playoff committee to start doing its thing, college basketball it about ready to start up. A lot is expected is of the Razorback basketball teams this season. Jimmy Dykes is in his first season as head coach of the women's program, and it could be a put up or shut up type year for Mike Anderson. Hot off the press and in the Traveler basketball special issue are schedule breakdowns for the men and women's teams from one of my staff writers. Enjoy! Oh, and we're working on fixing the headline on the women's breakdown.

For several seasons, Arkansas has needed a pure point guard or two on its team to run the uptempo style Mike Anderson wants. This year, the team has just that in freshman Anton Beard and JUCO guard Jabril Durham. Mike Anderson says Ky Madden will still handle the ball some, but will obviously get more time working off the ball with two new pure ballhandlers. So what kind of an effect can Beard and Durham have this season? Another of my staff writers has that answer.

Also, with it being #CLANGAHate Week and all, I thought it would be a good time to remind everyone that a certain Heisman candidate spent a small part of his offseason sticking his arm inside living animals. Boredom leads to insanity, especially boredom in Starkville, MS.

Tweet of the Week