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SEC Basketball Power Rankings: January 6

A couple of teams caught #SECbasketballfever this past week.

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Spor

1. Florida (11-2, RPI 14, LW: 1) Next game: Jan. 8 vs. South Carolina

No change after another solid win over a RPI top 75 team the Richmond Spiders. The Gators will be looking for revenge on the 11th after getting dominated by Arkansas in Bud Walton last year.

2. Kentucky (10-3, RPI 25, LW: 2) Next game: Jan. 8 vs. Mississippi State

I saw on twitter where someone called in to a Louisville based sports talk show and said that the Louisville athletic director created rumors about Charlie Strong going to Texas just so fans would forget about how John Calipari has "owned" Rick Pitino. I know, it made me laugh, too.

3. Missouri (12-1, RPI 28, LW: T-3) Next game: Jan. 8 vs. Georgia

The Tigers picked up a nice win over the Long Beach State, who has the coolest nickname in D-1 (The Beach). The 49ers made either the NIT or the NCAA Tournament the last three seasons.

4. Arkansas (11-2, RPI 56, LW: 5) Next game: Jan. 8 at Texas A&M

Remember how we talked about the Razorbacks’ RPI dropping after they left Maui? Yeah, they’ve dropped from their highest ranking at 18, to their lowest at 56, all without losing a game.

5. Tennessee (8-4, RPI 62, LW: 7) Next game: Jan. 7 at LSU

I think Tennessee men’s basketball fans and Dallas Cowboys fans should start a therapy group together. You start the season with high hopes only to have them crushed by some dumb losses, only for them to get back in it and break your heart again.

6. LSU (9-3, RPI 65, LW: T-3) Next game: Jan. 7 vs. Tennessee

This is the latest team to catch #SECbasketballfever. They lost to Rhode Island by four at home. Can you name a famous Rhode Island basketball player besides Lamar Odom-Kardashian?

7. Ole Miss (9-4, RPI 88, LW: 6) Next game: Jan. 9 vs. Auburn

Remember, the Rebels will be without Marshall Henderson the first two games of SEC because of his suspension. Good luck.

8. Vanderbilt (8-4, RPI 99, LW: 8) Next game: Jan. 7 at Alabama

Same song, different verses for Vandy considering they have no good wins and no bad losses, setting themselves up perfectly for the NIT.

9. Mississippi State (10-3, RPI 167, LW: 9) Next game: Jan. 8 at Kentucky

Their record is very deceiving considering they have the weakest schedule to date and it’s not even close. They’ve played a lot of SWAC and MEAC schools.

10. South Carolina (7-6, RPI 94, LW: 11) Next game: Jan. 8 at Florida

Bruce Ellington officially declared for the NFL draft, ending the Gamecocks’ basketball season.

11. Alabama (6-7, RPI 109, LW: 12) Next game: Jan. 7 vs. Vanderbilt

This tweet from Razorback Sports Network color commentator and former Razorback round baller Blake Eddins perfectly explains Bama basketball.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p>I just don&#39;t get what Alabama hoops is trying to do most of the time. No identity. Plenty of athletes. But play so slooooow. Confusing.</p>&mdash; Blake Eddins (@_BlakeEddins) <a href="">December 29, 2013</a></blockquote>

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12. Texas A&M (9-4, RPI 197, LW: 10) Next game: Jan. 8 vs. Arkansas

Last week, everyone thought I was mailing it in with my analysis of the Aggies by simply writing "whatever." Little did readers know, I was foreshadowing A&M’s attitude as they would lose the next day to NORTH TEXAS BY 20 POINTS AT HOME.

13. Auburn (8-3, RPI 170, LW: 13) Next game: Jan. 9 at Ole Miss

Today is the last day of the college football season and unfortunately for Tiger fans if they lose tonight, it’s a long 39 days until the college baseball season starts.

14. Georgia (6-6, RPI 240, LW: 14) Next game: Jan. 8 at Missouri

They aren’t very good.