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SEC Basketball Power Rankings: January 20

It is only two weeks into SEC play and teams are spreading #SECBasketballFever to each other like it's the swine flu.

Dak Dillon-USA TODAY Sports

1. Florida 15-2 (4-0), RPI 8, LW: 1

They are the only consistent team in this conference.  It’s like they play in the ACC instead of the SEC.

2. Kentucky 13-4 (3-1), RPI 13, LW: 2

They are this stick back dunk from Michael Qualls away from being undefeated in conference.

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Michael Qualls' WILD Put-Back Dunk Beats Kentucky in OT #SCtop10 (via ESPN)

3. Ole Miss 12-5 (3-1), RPI 62, LW: 9

Marshall Henderson is back and the Rebels jumped 23 spots in the RPI for their two wins last week against LSU and at South Carolina.

4. Texas A&M 12-5 (3-1), RPI 111, LW: 3

Most surprising team in the conference to start 3-0 and then they showed their true colors by losing in Starkville.

5. Georgia 9-7 (3-1), RPI 129, LW: 4

The Bulldogs are a tournament dream killer for other teams. If a team doesn’t want to play in the NCAA Tournament, all they have to do is lose to Georgia.

6. Tennessee 11-6 (2-2), RPI 59, LW: 6

It’s going to be interesting which Volunteer team shows up against Arkansas. If it’s the same team that lossed to A&M at home then the Hogs actually have a chance.  Or it could be the team that beat Virginia by 35.

7. LSU 11-5 (2-2), RPI 65, LW: 7

They are a lot like Tennessee in the fact that no one knows which team is going to show up. It could be the team that lost to Rhode Island or the team that beat Vanderbilt by 23.

8. Missouri 14-3 (2-2), RPI 52, LW: 5

They might as well print their "Alabama state champions" shirts after wins over Auburn and Alabama. Other than that it’s just another under achieving #FaithinHaith team.

9. Alabama 8-9 (2-2), RPI 96, LW: 10

The fact that they have a better conference record than the Razorbacks makes me shake my head until I have a concussion.

10. Mississippi State 12-5 (2-2), RPI 139, LW: 8

They’ll have to go .500 in conference play if they want to host an NIT game at The Hump.

11. Arkansas 12-5 (1-3), RPI 61, LW: 11

Mike Anderson had a 14-26 record in Big 12 road games while at Missouri including wins at #18 Oklahoma State, #16 Texas, #16 Kansas and #4 Oklahoma. Logic says he is going to get Arkansas’ road woes figured out.

12. Vanderbilt 9-7 (1-3), RPI 106, LW: 12

Seeing that their lone conference win is against Missouri warms my heart.

13. Auburn 8-7 (0-4), RPI 184, LW: 14

If there was such a thing as a "murderer’s row" of a conference schedule (I’d call it more of a "public intoxication" row for the SEC) Auburn has played it. None of their conference opponents have an RPI worse than 62.

14. South Carolina 7-10 (0-4), RPI 138, LW:13

First Darrin Horn and now Frank Martin, it looks like South Carolina is the place to go if you want to take a giant step back in your coaching career.