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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter: September 27, 2013 - Recruiting Visitors For A&M, Brandon Allen Update, A&M Band Not Coming

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Rich Schultz

On top of basketball recruits coming to the Hill this weekend, Arkansas is expecting to host a slew of recruits for the game with the top-10 Aggies. Here's a complete list of recruits as of yesterday by "Recruiting Guy" Richard Davenport. If Arkansas wants recruits to see a crowd that's jacked up and excited, I don't think they could have chosen a more perfect game for them to attend. Johnny Football will be in the house, the stadium will be electric, and I will have the chills. I can't wait.

In lieu of the 2013 edition of the Southwest Classic, and all of the history between Arkansas and Texas A&M, I put together a list of the top five games in the history of the rivalry. I know what you're thinking. What's a 20-year old kid know about the history of this rivalry? Good question. Well, this guy named Rick Schaeffer gave me some input on some of the top games. Enjoy. Your opinions on the top games are welcomed.

We are entering game #3 of the AJ Derby era as Arkansas welcomes in #10 Texas A&M (the second straight season Arkansas will start its backup at home vs a top-10 opponent). Instead of having faith in Derby to do an adequate job in place of Allen, everyone wants to know when BA will be back. The Florida game will be your best bet. Here's the story.

In order to honor some past Razorbacks 75 percent of the stadium probably doesn't know, Arkansas is not allowing the Aggie band or the Reveille on the field for halftime on Saturday. Arkansas has an on-field live mascot restriction keeping that adorable Border Collie from doing its thing. Some are beginning to think Arkansas keeping the band and Reveille off the field will spark up the rivalry again more than the actual games.

Saturday Down South's guys have made their SEC week 5 predictions, and their Arkansas-Texas A&M prediction is a big surprising. With several good games this weekend, opinions vary on winners, but SDS offers explanations for each game. I would like an explanation as to how Arkansas will score 38 points when they barely eeked out 31 on Samford. Team Speed Kills picks can be seen here, too.