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We're changing the name of this site, but everything else is staying the same.

We are very excited to announce that as of today, we are officially changing our site's name to

Our goal is that is more inclusive, easily memorable, and better fits in with the rest of the sites on the SB Nation network.  Since taking over the site about a year ago, I have occasionally gotten questions from readers wondering what an expat is, or thinking that this was a site somehow designed for Razorback fans who didn't live in Arkansas. Obviously, we want this to be a site anybody can feel comfortable coming to and understanding what they'll get when they get here, and hopefully, easily remember it so they can come back without having to jog their memory "Arkansas ex-what?" "what-pats?"

While I understand that our site has grown and people have become familiar with the Expats name, I (along with the site's contributors and SB Nation managment) decided it would be in the site's long-term best interest to pursue a name that was easier to understand, remember, and identify with.

Coming up with a new name is very difficult, considering other names already taken and things trademarked. But fortunately for us, is available, and in addition to blending in with Arkansas athletics more easily just by the name itself, it's also the end of the Razorback fight song.

The site was founded run for the first several years by John Expat and Stephen Expat (not real names) who are native Arkansans and Razorback fans, but moved away from the states as adults (hence the name "Expats"). But they've retired from the site for over a year, and I live just outside Fayetteville and several of the site's contributors live in Arkansas, so the name's just not an accurate description of us anymore.

We've worked with SB Nation's technical support team to ensure all previous links will forward to the new site. If you follow us on Twitter, we've changed our handle to @ArkansasFight so you're still following us.  Unfortunately, we did have to start a new Facebook page so please take a second to Like our new page. The content on the site will not change. We'll continue to bring the same news, commentary and analysis we've brought for a while now, and we've got great plans in place for the season that we really can't wait to begin.

We can't thank you enough for coming to the site, reading and interacting with us. It's what makes it all worthwhile.


Next week is Game Week! See y'all in the stands!