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Alex Collins Finally, Really, Officially Signs With Arkansas

It's finally over.

Alex Collins, wearing his best head-to-toe camo, finally signs his Arkansas LOI
Alex Collins, wearing his best head-to-toe camo, finally signs his Arkansas LOI
Aiyana Cristal -

Approximately 26 or so hours after his original signing ceremony was planned, Fort Lauderdale running back Alex Collins has officially signed with the Arkansas Razorbacks.


It should also be noted, as you can see in the picture, Collins signed while wearing FULL CAMO SHIRT & TIE! Instantly becoming legend among the Arkansas outdoor faithful.

The signing ends a whirlwind of emotions for Razorback fans, who were absolutely elated Monday night when Collins originally committed to Arkansas on television, only to suffer a huge letdown Wednesday morning when it was announced that Collins' signing ceremony was cancelled and it was originally reported that he was considering flipping his commitment elsewhere, likely to his hometown Miami Hurricanes.

Shortly thereafter, we learned Collins had every intention of signing with Arkansas on Wednesday, but his mother (a parent/guardian is also required to sign the Letter of Intent for someone Collins' age) stole the LOI and ran off with it. However, Collins' father has apparently stepped in and signed the LOI in her place with Alex at Bo Kamper's Sports Bar & Grill in Fort Lauderdale.

Of course, being Arkansas, this story didn't go smoothly this morning, as it was reported that Collins' mother hired an attorney, from a firm founded by Johnny "if it doesn't fit, you must acquit" Cochran no less, to "represent her interests" in this ordeal. We don't really know what that means, other than she's upset he's coming to Arkansas, but we don't know what she can really do about it.