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Arkansas Razorbacks vs Ole Miss Rebels TV and Media Info, Weather, Lines, Storylines, and Fun Stuff


Spruce Derden-US PRESSWIRE

Kickoff Time

11:21 am CST. The traditional Ole Miss time slot.


Channel: SEC TV

Announcers: Dave Neal and Andre Ware (Cara Capuano on the sideline).

Livestreaming: ESPN3/WatchESPN (no notes of blackout at this time)


The usual. Chuck Barrett and Keith Jackson will call the game.

Here's the list of affiliates.

On satellite radio, the game will be on channel 112 on Sirius and 199 on XM.


Ole Miss (-16.5) and the over/under is 53.5. Whatevs. Bet on Arkansas at your own risk.


Probably mid-60s, partly cloudy, no chance of rain. Solid sundress weather.

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Red Cup Rebellion


Last time I went to Oxford, went chest-first onto some dirt on the Ole Miss campus. Then we got to the stadium and Arkansas got blown out. I'm not over it.

Arkansas has to overcome the struggle of an early kickoff in a town so remote the team will stay over an hour away. Bielema is confident the Hogs can overcome this obstacle, but did note it is adding to the challenge his team is facing.

Why is Arkansas staying in Memphis anyway? Didn't the team formerly stay in Tupelo? I could be wrong but it seems I've heard that before. And it's not like Ole Miss is staying on campus. They're staying in Tupelo. They also have to wake up early and ride a bus to Oxford.

Maybe they're staying in Memphis for recruiting purposes. If so, that's solid planning. I'm sure there are more recruits in the Memphis area than in Tupelo. Or maybe he wants to go to Tunica with all the other Hog fans. But if not, it is possible to get closer to Oxford than Memphis. It is possible to shorten that morning bus ride. Don't really have to complain about it on the SEC teleconference.

I'm choosing to believe Bielema's really just annoyed he won't be able to take in a late night chicken on a stick from the Chevron off the Oxford square. They alone are worth the trip. Don't fill up on the Memphis BBQ.

Here's a bunch of drunk Ole Miss bros waxing poetic about them

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Also, if you plan on doing the Memphis BBQ thing, skip Rendezvous. Go to BBQ Shop on Madison. Go to Central BBQ on, well, Central. Go to Interstate. Hopefully I only have to say this once.