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Arkansas Razorbacks vs Florida Gators: FAT STATS

A collection of some statistics following the Arkansas vs Florida game.

Sam Greenwood

1 - Deflating pick six vs Florida

2 - Number of games in 2013 in which a receiver has led Arkansas in receiving

2.5 - Average rushing yards per attempt gained by Arkansas from the second quarter on

2.8 - Average rushing yards per play by Florida for the entire game. Fantastic.

3.5 - Number of tackles for loss by Trey Flowers

4 - Number of Razorbacks that went down with injuries in a very short span in the second half. Only Will Hines' broken arm appears to be a long-term issue.

5 - Number of unsportsmanlike conduct/roughing the passer penalties by both teams. 4 by Florida. Arkansas only one was Jonathan Williams' late penalty after being pulled out of a pile by a Gator.

8 - Number of field goals Zach Hocker has attempted and converted this season.

8.6 - Number of average yards per rush for Arkansas in the first quarter (excluding sack)

10 - Number of rushing attempts in the first quarter.

14 - Number of rushing attempts in the second and third quarter combined.

15 - Number of yards you get if you bounce a fair catch off a defender before the ball hits the ground.

16 - Number of Brandon Allen pass attempts on the final drive, after the score was 30-10. He went 8-for-16 on the drive. Meaning Arkansas's play-calling was much more balanced throughout the game than the final stats suggest, with 26 rushing attempts and 29 called passing plays (25 by Allen, 2 by Derby, 2 sacks) before Florida's final score.

17 - Number of first downs gained by both Arkansas and Florida.

19 - Yards on a single run up the gut by Kiero Small in the first quarter. It was awesome, but exactly the type of play Florida's defense won't allow very often.  And it only happened once.

45 - Receiving yardage by Alex Collins vs Florida, leading the team. His 5 receptions also led the team.

60 - Yardage on Sam Irwin-Hill's longest punt vs Florida (seven total punts)

275 - Total offensive yards for Arkansas vs Florida

320 - Total punting yards for Arkansas vs Florida. CRUSHING IT