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Florida Gators vs Arkansas Razorbacks TV and Media Info, Lines, Game Notes

Make sure you've got all your game details ready to go for Saturday.

Al Messerschmidt

Kickoff Time

6:00 pm CST.


Channel: ESPN2

Announcers: Mark Jones and Brock Huard (Kaylee Hartung on the sideline). Yes, that's the same crew from the A&M game.

Livestreaming: ESPN3/WatchESPN (no notes of blackout at this time)


The usual. Chuck Barrett and Keith Jackson will call the game.

Here's the list of affiliates.

On satellite radio, the game will be on channel 94 on Sirius and 200 on XM.


Florida (-11) as of Wednesday night. Opened at -12.5. The Over/Under is at 43. I'll take Arkansas +11 and the over.


Probably about 80 degrees at kickoff, 20% chance of rain. Meanwhile in Fayetteville, it will likely be in the mid 50s by kickoff. Chili, fireplace and North Face weather. Advantage: Fayetteville.


I tried to find out who the officiating crew will be this week, but it's impossible to look up anything involving "Arkansas, Florida, referee" without a bunch of links pertaining to this:

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There's actually an entire series of separate YouTube videos by bchadwell1204 all dedicated to different bad calls in that game. They're all titled "Arkansas gets Screwed by refs". You may recall, Mark Curles and his crew were suspended by the SEC following the game for sucking.

Another play in the game that most certainly did not suck was Ryan Mallett's 75-yard touchdown pass to Greg Childs, one of my personal favorite plays of the Petrino era. Unfortunately, I couldn't find video of the play on YouTube, but blessedly, this fan's reaction to the ensuing "further review" lives on. If you don't remember, Childs fumbled the ball as he crossed the goal line, but recovered it cleanly in the end zone, resulting in a pretty pointless review. The highlight of the review is Verne asking in the middle of it, "maybe it was an incomplete pass?" even though Childs ran with the ball for about 40-50 yards. Just watch, starting at about the 1:35 mark:

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

That's not the only memorable Hogs vs Gators game even though Arkansas and Florida have only played 8 times since the Razorbacks joined the SEC. Matt Jones was in the midst of leading an amazing comeback against Florida in 2003 before a controversial illegal hit by Tony Bua on Chris Leak wiped out an interception that would have given Arkansas the ball with a chance to win.

The 2006 SEC Championship Game is one of the most heartbreaking losses Arkansas has suffered in the last 20 years. When Steve Spurrier led the Gators to Fayetteville in 1996 and his top-ranked Gators won 42-7, jogging off the field an angry Arkansas fan shouted, "Run it up some more! You've go no class Spurrier!" Spurrier shouted back: "We love it when you accuse us of that."

Apparently, the Arkansas game notes report that the Razorbacks are 5-0 all-time when playing against the #18 ranked team in the country, which Florida is in the AP Poll (they're #19 in the Coaches Poll). Because of the split ranking, we can pretend the streak is ongoing, regardless of the outcome.

The is the second-lowest ranked Florida team Arkansas has played since joining the SEC. The 2003 Gators were unranked when they came to Fayetteville and upset the #11 ranked Hogs. Five of the eight games have come when Florida was in the top 5, three of which when they were #1.