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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter: October 29, 2013 - Auburn News and Previews, SEC Power Poll

News, notes, and other interesting stuff from around the web.

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The issues with the Razorback football team are obvious. Bad secondary play, bad quarterback play, no leader in the receiving corps, etc. In order to win at least one more game this season, some things obviously have to be cleaned up. Bleacher Report has five things to improve on before Auburn rolls into town Saturday. Improving in just a couple of these areas could prevent another 52-point debacle, which is kind of what we're hoping for at this point.

A huge key in the Tigers upset on the road of Johnny Football in College Station was the play of JUCO QB Nick Marshall, who was questionable coming into the week. Well now, word is that Marshall should be ready to go against Arkansas following a shoulder injury against Florida Atlantic. AU held the quarterback out the rest of their blowout win over FAU, likely as a precautionary measure.

Before we somewhat knew the status of Auburn QB Nick Marshall, a legitimate line on Saturday's contest did not exist. Now that we understand his injury situation a bit more clearly, Auburn has opened as an 8-point favorite this weekend. You can read a small preview of the matchup on College and Magnolia, the Auburn site. Enjoy!

You may recall Bret Bielema and Gus Malzahn speaking at SEC Media Days about their respective philosophies. Bielema obviously doesn't like the HUNH style, and Malzahn has made his living do so. Now, adding fuel to an already hot fire between the coaches, Bielema has complained that Gus and the AU staff have doctored game tapes, preventing Arkansas from being completely prepared for Auburn's extra point attempts on Saturday. He may have also violated an SEC rule by vocalizing his complaint to the media.

Thank goodness Kentucky lost to Mississippi State on the Arkansas bye week, or else Arkansas might be dead last in the week 9 Team Speed Kills power poll. Well, actually, if MSU were to have lost to Kentucky, they would automatically drop to No. 14. Arkansas, UK, and MSU are all in a race for best of the worst in the SEC. There's no two ways about it.