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Arkansas vs South Carolina: Fun With Stats

Breaking down today's stat sheet.

Wesley Hitt

2 - Years in a row an opponent has scored 52 unanswered points on Arkansas in Fayetteville (Alabama of course did it last year)

2 - Converted third downs by Arkansas

2 - Passes caught by Kiero Small, the Hogs' leading receiver in the game, in terms of receptions. (Total yards gained: 4)

2 - Number of South Carolina drives that did not result in points

2 - Number of Arkansas drives that lasted more than 4 plays

2 - Fumbles by Arkansas (both lost)

2 - Converted 4th downs by South Carolina in the 4th quarter. Oh Spurrier, you devil.

2 - Number of consecutive games in which Arkansas game up touchdowns immediately before halftime, and on the opening drive of the second half. This is why I always prefer deferring on the coin toss and taking the ball first after halftime, but that's just me.

2 - Number of penalties on Arkansas' second drive. Price Holmes was flagged for an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on the kickoff (come on, man) and Austin Tate was called for holding. This cost the Hogs 22 yards, and virtually forced Arkansas into a bad situation with a 1st-and-19, which is when Brandon Allen threw the interception.

3 - Number of consecutive pass plays called by Arkansas immediately following Allen's near pick-six. Allen completed one of the three passes for two yards.

4 - Total completed passes by Arkansas

5:28 - Arkansas' total time of possession in the second half

7 - Total first downs earned by Arkansas

8 - Tackles by Carroll Washington (1 for loss), starting in place of injured cornerback Will Hines

8 - Number of passing yards gained by Arkansas after the first quarter

9.1 - Arkansas' average yards per carry

14 - Points scored by South Carolina in second, third, and fourth quarters

15 - Yardage on the touchdown reception by former Razorback receiver Kane Whitehurst

16:35 - Arkansas' time of possession for the entire game

30 - Total Arkansas passing yards

37 - Total offensive snaps by Arkansas

44 - Total tackles made by South Carolina

79 - Yards on a single punt by Sam Irwin-Hill

99 - Total number of tackles made by Arkansas. So close to the century mark!

248 - Total offensive yards by Arkansas

537- Total offensive yards by South Carolina

545 - Total kickoff yards by South Carolina (9 kicks)