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Tyler Wilson Impressing At The Senior Bowl

Tyler Wilson has been among the quarterbacks performing in Mobile, Alabama at the Senior Bowl and by all accounts, he's doing very well.

According to the video, Wilson is among the top performers among the quarterback group in Mobile and, wait for it, is being talked about as potentially the first quarterback taken in the draft.

Apparently, once recruiting season is over and the NFL Draft is the next big football story, we're going to hear a lot about how great Wilson was with Bobby Petrino and suffered severely without having much of a real coach to lead him and the team in 2012. And Razorback fans will be forced to wonder yet again what might have been.

This will never end.

Here's the video description from SB Nation:

Day two of practices are in the books at the 2013 Senior Bowl. Dan Rubenstein has your update on which of the notable quarterbacks have looked good, who's looked shaky, and where Dan thinks each will wind up being drafted come late April. QBs commented on are Tyler Wilson (Arkansas), Ryan Nassib (Syracuse), EJ Manuel (Florida State), Landry Jones (Oklahoma) and Mike Glennon (NC State).