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Expats Update: New Editor, Call For New Contributors, Thank You To Readers!

You may have seen the change in the masthead at the bottom of the page over the last few weeks, but we wanted to officially share with all of you that I am taking the reins of the site as the new editor/lead blogger/manager/czar/vampire maker/Lord of Winterfell etc. I want to keep going with the things that are already great about Expats, and we have some ideas for the future that we think will help the site continue to grow and be a fun and exciting place for all of us. The Razorbacks will be one of, if not the most, interesting teams in the country this fall and we're pumped to have this place to talk about them as much as we can!

Stephen and John did a great job of getting the site started a few years ago, and I hope they will still chime in from time to time. As we've worked to keep the site running since their retirement, it's become clear to us that we need more help. If you think you could contribute to this site in any way, as a writer, photoshop artist, video-maker, or some other talent you may have, please send a sample my way. Email me at and tell me what you'd like to do and show me what you can do, or ask me questions. If we can figure out a way to make you a regular part of the site and SBNation, we'd love to have you.

Also, even though it's been a challenge for us over the summer, we've had strong readership numbers and we want to take the time to thank all of you who've continued visiting the site. It's our goal to provide enough quality content to keep you coming back and discussing the Hogs with us. Empty Saturdays remaining: 4.