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Bielema's Arkansas Contract Details

Bret Bielema's agreement with Arkansas was released Wednesday morning, and as you might expect, he's going to be paid handsomely.

Jonathan Daniel

You can read the entire agreement for yourself here, but we've posted the most important things to know below.

The agreement is for 6 years (through the 2018 season) and will pay Bielema $3.2 million per year. That's a $600K increase, not including what I understand is a better tax rate in Arkansas than Wisconsin. Also, if you thin

If Arkansas fires Bielema for convenience before December 31, 2015, Arkansas will have to pay Bielema $12.8 million. After that date, it goes down annually to $9.6 million, $6.4 million, and $3.2 million in 2018. The Razorbacks will have to really really want him gone if they fire him within the first four years.

If Bielema resigns, his buyout begins at $3 million in 2013 and is reduced by $500K each year of the 6-year contract. I'll say this, if Bielema is as successful as everyone hope is, that will be renegotiated in future contract extensions. I can't imagine the $500K buyout in year six will stick.

Incentives: Win SEC Championship Game: $100K, Win National Title: $350K, Appear in National Title Game: $300K, Appear in Playoffs (beginning in 2014): $200K, BCS Bowls: $150K, Capital One or Cotton Bowl: $100K, Other Bowls: $50K, SEC Coach of the Year/National Coach of the Year: $25K.

Academic incentives are conveniently saved for the last page of the agreement. $25K for rates above 60% with incremental upgrades to $100K for graduation rates above 75%. $25K for APR of 940 and incremental upgrades to $100K for APR over 990.

There is no-compete clause that covers the entire SEC, including any potential future SEC members.

He gets two cars. Whether or not his rides will be pimped is unspecified.

He gets a skybox with 12 seats and 20 tickets to each home game.

He will be a member of The Blessings and Fayetteville Country Club. If they'll have him. Hint, they will. Apparently, he'll have to pay for his own Sam's Club membership.

Arkansas will pay for him to move to Fayetteville. Nice.

Bielema will host a weekly radio show during the season.

There's a big fat FOIA notice. So, you know, keep the personal stuff personal, Bret!

The standard firing with cause clause is included. You didn't think Jeff Long would forget that, did you?

Health insurance is included. Which is good.