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Razorback Basketball Predictions - Open Thread

Scrimmages and exhibition games are over. The real season, with games that could wind up on "Good Wins" or "Bad Losses" lists come late February/early March, tips off at 7:00 Friday night at Bud Walton. What do you expect this season?


My pretty much made up on the spot season predictions:

Regular season record? 24-8 Here is the schedule if you want to look through it

Will Ky Madden live up to his recruiting hype? He will be much better than last year but will frustrate fans because he won't fill up the stat sheet.

In what percentage of games will Mike Anderson wear a pin-striped suit? 80%

Will Marshawn Powell make All-SEC 1st team? No but come close

Who will lead the team in rebounding? Coty Clarke

Higher 3 point shooting percentage: Mardracus Wade or Anthlon Bell? Wade

In how many games will Kikko Haydar score points? 12

Number of games attended by Nolan Richardson: 7

How many times will Michael Qualls make SportsCenter's Top 10? 2

Number of games Arkansas wins in the SEC tournament? 2

What seed does Arkansas get in the NCAA tournament, if they get in? 7

Will BJ Young return for his junior year? No. NBA Draft

Top 3 Absolutely, Positively Cannot Miss Games? 1. Kentucky 2. Syracuse 3. Missouri

The big football recruiting weekend game? Vanderbilt game, January 12. Look for a halftime show featuring the new coach.

What are your predictions for basketball season?

Answer any of those questions or ask your own in the comments section.