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Hog Slobber Podcast #9: The Season & Coaching Search Are Almost Blessedly Over

We're back to talk about the latest goings-on in Razorback world.

Streeter Lecka

In this edition of the podcast, Chris Bahn joins me from his car to discuss:

  • Chris' new role on
  • Why Arkansas struggles in the red zone but not between the 20s
  • Should someone force Tyler Wilson to sit down when the game's out of hand and let Brandon Allen play?
  • Tyler Wilson's legacy
  • If by miracle, Arkansas can win the last two games and become bowl eligible, is that even a good thing for the program?
  • The sadness of Tyler Wilson and Cobi Hamilton making videos pleading the students to show up for the LSU game
  • The goings-on of the coaching search
  • Does Gary Patterson fit the profile of Chris' Anti-Saban?
  • Why hasn't Arkansas been able to develop a better offensive line?
  • Which coaches can go into a living room and sell a kid that he can take the player to the NFL?
  • How about that Alabama/A&M game?
  • What it means for A&M to win a game like that and where the Aggies could go from here

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