Ask a Buckeye!

Editor's note: Now that Bobby Petrino has stepped decisively off the coaching carousel, we can return our attention to the true matter at hand - the Sugar Bowl. And, in a nice stroke of luck for all of us, our new #1 favorite Buckeye fan Jon Ross has offered to answer any questions about the game you can ask (in fact, he's been doing this for a few days already). So, don't hesitate to take him up on his offer (and be sure to show Jon some Southern hospitality while you're at it) - it's been a great exchange so far already.

What's up Arkansas fans?

I'm a student/rabid Ohio State fan giving you guys the opportunity to ask questions about the Buckeyes before our epic matchup in the Sugar Bowl. I would absolutely like to keep this civil, I'm not here to trash talk like a jackass lol.

Anything you want to know about the Buckeyes? Injuries, strategy, match-up questions, whatever, go ahead and ask, I'll do my best to answer all of your questions.

Good luck Jan. 4th and fire away.

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