Rasputin-ish prose

I generally do not post but enjoy comments from those who do. While I am not even in the same room, much less the same class, as the mighty Rasputin, I give my only post paying homage to the Master.

Ode to the Pig

Ugly is the boot that we long to hail

And glorious is the battle and the game it entails

For what better reason to don the snout

But for a miraculous game and a serious rout

The “Voodoo King” and his band of Tigers

Have many a win (to the chagrin of others)

Number five in the nation is our arch nemesis

How might we prevail against our Louisiana tempest

It shall be by the sweat of the prehensile nose

By the dominant art using Offensive prose

And shall the Defense agree to engage

It may very well be a win for the age

The “Voodoo King” has thrust his last pin

The Hogs suffer early, but the end will be great

LSU and hatter will post thirty-seven

The Hogs are victorious and post thirty-eight

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