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New Hires at Razorback Expats, Inc.

It's a historic day here at Razorback Expats: after careful deliberation and an exhaustive nationwide talent search, we've decided to add four new writers to the site. They'll be joining Stephen and John [editor's note: actually, the unpaid interns write pretty much all the content as it is now] and have the green light to post their thoughts whenever inspiration strikes.

Don't worry...we won't be selling our share of the company and retiring to a tropical paradise somewhere just yet. But we are genuinely excited about having these new voices on the blog. They're going to add a lot.

So, it is with great pleasure that we introduce the new guys:

* The Hog Blogger - used to operate the now-legendary blog coincidentally titled "The Hog Blogger". He shut down his site when he entered the Witness Protection Program, but will be posting here when he's able to get to a computer.

* J. Hawg 3 - regular commenter who has already authored insightful posts on the football and basketball teams. Will be sharing his prognostication skills in a regular "Pick 10" feature that gamblers may find useful (not that we condone that sort of thing).

* KevinHog - another regular commenter and occasional poster who will be raising the level of discourse around here by bringing an academic and literary flavor to his posts. Keeps the blog thematically sound by being a genuine expat.

* Whit E. Knight - our resident historian, his three part series on the 1978 Final Four team earlier this year remains some of the best stuff ever posted on this site. He's a Southwestern/Rhodes grad, so you know he's a class act all the way.

Please give THB, J. Hawg, Kevin and Whit a warm Razorback Expats welcome, and keep an eye out for their posts ( (if you're curious, look for the name under each post to see who is writing what).