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All-BCS Era Razorbacks Team

All-BCS Era Razorbacks: Best Games

Arkansas' Best Wins Of The BCS Era

All-BCS Era Razorbacks: Gut Punches

Arkansas' most painful losses in the BCS era

All-BCS Era Razorbacks: Best Team

Arkansas fielded some pretty great teams throughout the BCS era, but if we had to put our money on one team to beat them all, we will go with.....

All BCS-Era Razorbacks Team: Special Teams

This team would have three of the best returners in the history of the SEC on it.

All-BCS Era Razorbacks Team: Head Coach

Do you think it should be Nutt or Petrino?

All-BCS Era Razorbacks Team: Defensive Backs

Four guys that were unanimous votes as the best of the d-backs

All-BCS Era Razorbacks Team: The Trenches

We continue our series to the trenches, where the Hogs had some pretty outstanding players during the BCS Era.

All-BCS Era Razorbacks Team: Receiver & Tight End

The BCS Era featured some of the highest-scoring passing offenses in Razorback history. These are the guys who made it happen.

All BCS-Era Razorbacks Team: Running Backs

Darren McFadden and Felix Jones were a two-headed rushing monster of fantasy, but a fantasy that was all too real in the Arkansas offense from 2005-07.

All BCS-Era Razorbacks Team: Linebackers

Arkansas did have some great linebackers once upon a time.

All BCS-Era Razorbacks Team: Quarterback

Arkansas has had some great quarterbacks over the last several years, but our choice was easy.