Arkansas the only ranked home underdog in Week 4

Can Arkansas get some respect? Not this week they can't. As the Razorbacks prepare to take on Texas A&M the public has already made their decision. Arkansas is going to lose.

Perhaps it's because they believe Texas A&M is a playoff contender. Maybe it's because they don't think Arkansas is this good. Hell, it could just be that the pas is obscuring the present. Whatever the case, it feels like nobody believes that Arkansas has a chance to win this game.


Arkansas is the lone ranked team to be an underdog at home this week. They're 5 point underdogs to Texas A&M, and they're given +176 odds to win the game outright. That's just a 36.2% chance to win the game. Meanwhile, Texas A&M is given -200 odds, or an implied 66.7% chance to win.

As I said before, nobody believes that Arkansas can win this game. Doesn't matter that they're home. Doesn't matter that their ranked. Best WR in the country, and a legit quarterback for the first time since Ryan Mallet.

Matchup History

Arkansas and Texas A&M have met 77 times in their history. Believe it or not, Arkansas has won 41 of those games.

Now Arkansas has lost the last 9 matchups against Texas A&M, but to be fair only 1 of those games was at Arkansas. That was in 2013 when Arkansas went 0-8 in the SEC.

In their history, Arkansas is 21-10-2 at home. So, they've dominated those games. The issue is they've played in Arkansas just twice since 1990.


People are going to be shocked by Arkansas this week. Their talent level is better than it has been in forever. Given their schedule it's really not a stretch to say they have a chance to be a playoff team. That all starts with Texas A&M on Saturday.

The fact that they get to do it at home is a luxury they haven't had. Now they do. Watch out for the Razorbacks.

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