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Don’t Panic Arkansas Fans

The future is bright under Head Coach Sam Pittman

NCAA Football: Texas A&M at Arkansas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Many of us likely had a strong feeling of concern, or maybe even embarrassment last Saturday afternoon. How could we go to Athens and get blown out by Georgia? On College Gameday! I thought those days were over!

After taking a few breaths and even waiting out a few days to think on it, the concern isn’t as apparent. Arkansas football is significantly improved from the days of Head Coach Chad Morris and company. Sam Pittman has done an outstanding job of turning this football program around. Can you believe we’re (4-1) with TWO ranked opponent victories?

Playing in Athens last Saturday was a giant stage, sadly a stage we’re simply not ready for. Growing pains are bound to happen during a legitimate rebuild. Head Coach Sam Pittman said it best during his Monday press conference:

“I’ll be damned if Georgia makes us lose this Ole Miss game”

With growing pains comes better focus, better attitudes and eventually success.

Sam Pittman felt the same way many of us did on Saturday. He and his players are eager to redeem themselves, but even doing so it won’t change the Georgia loss on such a giant stage. This is something that could help our program in the long run though. Coach Pittman and the present players will never forget this past Saturday, regardless if they want to.

As you grow as a player, you learn to deal with certain moments just like the Georgia loss. Coach Pittman will also find comfort in newly found experience of a huge game atmosphere. The Razorbacks will find their way this week, next week and the many weeks after.

Not only will experience grow, but our talent level and depth will only improve. Programs such as Alabama and Georgia are currently on another level of talent and depth. While Arkansas might not ever be on the same recruiting level as the “powerhouses” it can make strides in it’s best resources.

Big success will come over time in the way of high level talent in the transfer portal, recruiting and maintaining Arkansas based players and snagging border state talent (Texas, Missouri, Louisiana etc.). Sam Pittman is doing all of these things. Of course, culture and tradition is a necessity too. Coach Pittman has already established a culture and the tradition is starting.

Sam Pittman is the man for this job and this state and I can’t wait to revisit this article in a few years.

Be patient, we will get there!

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