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Memories of Yesteryear with the Reveal of the Hogs’ Away Uniform

Arkansas completely rids themselves of the putrid jersey combinations since the 2012 season with the reveal and addition of a classic away combination. Hog fans have been wishing for the reveal of the Darren McFadden era jersey that were the cleanest in the land.

When they wore this combination, the Razorbacks won a total of 23 games from 2005-2007. During the 2019 offseason, one of the top moments was the reveal of the home “Darren McFadden” uniform. Going back to “the good old days” means three things to me and what I want to see happen while wearing these.

Go HIT somebody!

Every once in a while Arkansas has a team that will just pancake you off the block. I remember guys playing so fierce like Dallas Washington picking up a USC return man and tackling him with a spine buster form and the crowd went nuts. Houston Nutt teams were known for being undersized but played with heart. Nutt had his boys right though and they played tough when Arkansas was written on their chest. Let’s see if that mentality returns with this uniform combination.


From 2005-2007 Arkansas was never really out of any games. Even on the 2005 team that lost 70-17, the Razorbacks hardly ever went down without a fight or were blown out of any games. Over the previous two seasons, there have been a multitude of those but the mentality of FIGHT in this particular uniform combination would go far to re-establish the Hogs in the SEC.

Play to WIN

We go back to the game against LSU in Death Valley in 2007. Arkansas had to come up big every possession playing the number one team in the country that night. In a game that Arkansas could’ve slept through it meant the world to that team to come out on top. That Friday after Thanksgiving will always remind me that no matter the circumstances surrounding the program you play to WIN! Always WIN!