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SB Nation’s FanPulse Poll is Out, and Confidence in Arkansas’ Direction is at an All Time Low

Folks— things aren’t looking great.

I hope everyone is having a decent Monday recovery from a depressing weekend. SB Nation’s FanPulse poll has come out, and guess what? Arkansas isn’t in the top 25! We measured confidence in the program, and will speak on that in just a moment, but for now, UCF and Michigan took some big hits (probably deservedly so), while Clemson remains number one. It’s hard to look at Clemson and see them roll over teams knowing that our coach was supposedly a part of the minds that made that happen while we get destroyed by San Jose State. Not ideal. Either way, here’s the main poll:

Now for the good stuff. As detailed last week, Arkansas has had a strange season when it comes to confidence in program direction. We’ve gone from 64.7% saying yes they were confident to 30% to 78.6%. The results after the San Jose State game are in, and well...

That is a zero. 0% of the respondents to our survey are confident in the program’s direction, and I can’t say I blame them. I wrote on Saturday night that I believe this is the worst loss in program history (though of course many argue that The Citadel was worse— I’m aware this is a hot take), and it seems that a lot of fans agree: this was a bad, bad game to lose.

I foolishly predicted an Arkansas rout after the swagger-filled performance against Colorado State and now I don’t have egg on my face so much as I have a continental breakfast. It’s a shame, and it’s hard to take, and like I said Saturday, I don’t know where we go from here.

I am pleased though to see the community on this site getting back active. If anything, we can build up a space to all share in our sorrow together, and weather through these trying times. I’ll have a measured reaction coming up soon, Adam will be begrudgingly previewing the A&M game, and we may have some news on recruiting coming soon.

I’m also incredibly excited to announce that we’ll be debuting an Arkansas Fight podcast this week as a part of the SB Nation Podcast Network! You’ll get to hear myself and another Hog fan discuss the first quarter of the season, and try to see the bright side of these very dark times.

We look forward to sharing these with you!

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