Time for CCM to, politely, be shown the door?

CCM has led our beloved Hogs to 4 wins thru 1.25 seasons. I’m not upset about the Bama/Auburn/A&M/etc losses, but the CSU/UNT/SJSt losses? Yes, I am quite upset about them, maybe even perturbed.

i don’t understand why we keep a QB in the game that has thrown 4 INTs (FOUR!!) If he didn’t want to bring Hicks back into play, what about JSJ or the true FR?

Also, why did we run it up the middle over and over and over, including on critical 3rd/4th downs & short? We were getting stuffed every time. We finally called a toss to the outside on 4th & short and it picked up the 1st down easily.

i didn’t expect us to finish middle or top of the SEC West this year, but I expected progress. I haven’t seen progress, we are still losing to teams that will make us the butt of all the jokes for at least the next week and probably longer.

i say we pull the plug, see if Mike Norvell would entertain an offer to be head man on the hill. Surely it couldn’t be worse...could it?

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