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They’re Here, They’re Beautiful, and I’m Ready for Football Season

We got dat wood!

Images courtesy of the University of Arkansas

Look at these— just look at ‘em:

After much anticipation, Arkansas has announced a new set of uniforms for football! They hearken back to the better days of Darren McFadden, and have been met with a lot of enthusiasm from Hog fans.

It hasn’t been made known if these are going to be alternate uniforms or the home uniforms from here on out. I’m personally hoping for them to be mainstays, but time will tell, I suppose. The last time we wore these with some consistency, we beat LSU when they were number 1 though... Just a thought.

Using “Dat Wood” as a motif is also a throwback to a hilarious moment in Arkansas history:

Will the “Dat Wood” bat become a turnover chain? That could be fun. Anything that gets us back to the days of DMac would be welcome though.

We’re getting to the point of the year where football-craving is at an all time high, and football news is at an all time low, so join us as we begin our way-too-early coverage of the team that’s coming this week. We’ll take a look at recruiting, Vegas odds, and more. Be sure to check out our discussion of what the expectations should be this year.