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Reasons to Hate: TCU

Besides the “Texas” part, obviously.

TCU v Oklahoma Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images
  1. They’re an old SWC rival. I’m young and even I appreciate when we get an old SWC team on the schedule. However, thank God it’s not Houston on the schedule this year. RIP Oklahoma.
  2. The Horned Frog mascot. First off, it’s not even a frog, it’s technically a lizard. That’s like Auburn saying they’re the Tigers, but yell “War Eagle” at everyone. Okay, so maybe Horned Frog isn’t as bad, but the hand signal is awful. You basically make your hand look like the butler’s hand in Scary Movie 2. No TCU fan, I will not take your “little” hand!
  3. Gary Patterson. Now this is only for the fact that he seems to be the go to guy on Hogville whenever there is a head coaching change. It’s happened every coaching change since Houston Nutt left. When Bielema leaves one day there will be 100 Hogville threads made about “I THINK ITS GONE BE DAT GERRY PETTERSON FELLA FROM TCU.”
  4. They claim a 1938 National Title after beating Carnegie Mellon in the Sugar Bowl. You wanna talk about, “THEY AIN’T PLAYED NOBODY, PAWL.” Not to mention, I bet Carnegie Mellon used ineligible players that were selling memorabilia for tattoos.
  5. They were a big player in conference realignment. They are a big reason why no one knows what conference anyone plays in anymore. By leaving the Mountain West, that conference then had to pray on the WAC, who lost so many teams they are now defunct as a football conference. So TCU stole #WACtion from us. Now when I turn on NCAA 06 on my XBOX, because I want to play in the glory days of McFadden, Jones and Hillis, none of the teams and conferences make sense anymore.