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Reasons to Hate: Texas State

We’re playing them because someone feels like we have to.

Texas State v Georgia Southern Photo by Todd Bennett/GettyImages
  1. How do you hate someone who is already in hell? It’s 100 degrees three to four months out of the year in San Marcos, TX. If you hate hot weather, that sounds like hell to me.
  2. This chick (thanks to @Willie_Mix for the tip on this one). You can’t tell me you read that article and don’t want to torch that barbie jeep, Hog fans. Drinking and driving is not a joke, but admitting to going to a Waka Flocka concert is.
  3. They are the obligatory Sun Belt/MAC team this year. This year it’s Texas State. Next year it’s Coastal Carolina. There is nothing really to gain by playing these teams. Teams just pay them a large chunk of money to come and get beat. At least, that’s what is suppose to happen, from what I’ve been told.
  4. It use to be called “Southwest Texas Normal School.” Normal compared to what? It’s normal you couldn’t get into UT, so you ended up at your safety school?
  5. They brag about how great their geography department is. This sounds like the degree you get to be a Jimmy John’s driver the rest of your life. Wikipedia says that geography has been called, “the bridge between human and physical science.” A degree in it is the bridge to your food delivering on time.