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SEC POWER Rankings: Who Really Knows?

Week 2 remains the most difficult weekend to rank teams. Come three or four more weeks, we'll have a good picture of what each team offers. Until then...

Michael Shroyer/Getty Images

The hardest week to do any sort of week-to-week ranking is the second week. Some teams look brilliant in Week 1, as they have all offseason to prepare for an opponent. Then, the same team plays a lesser opponent and it wets the bed. It could range to preparedness in a week's time or that the team isn't as amped to play game two.

Or a team plays gets a cupcake week one, struggles, but is good to go for the next week given a more normal week of preparation. Either way, you never know what you're going to get Week 2 (and 3 and 4 and... it's college football, and no one really knows anything)

Any number of factors come into play, and that said, here is where they stand after two weeks.

1) Alabama (2-0)

Bama won easily and Lane Kiffin (whose salary rose to $1.4 million this week) was blasted by the very man who gave him a raise. Saban tries to walk away three times but just can't help himself.

2) Texas A&M (2-0)

The Aggies had no letdown after upsetting UCLA last week, dominating Prarie View A&M 67-0. Any shutout is a good shutout. Back to business next week at Auburn

3) Ole Miss (1-1)

The Rebels got through this week unscathed before hosting an already mad Nick Saban will try and exact revenge after two seasons worth of losses to Ole Miss.

4) Arkansas (2-0)

Admittedly, No. 4 might be a little high for the Hogs, but I still haven't come down from beating TCU. Thanks to modern science, I woke up half of Nantahala while watching from inside of a tent. Quiet hours started at 10 but were disrupted around an hour later when Austin Allen scored the walk-off.

5) LSU (1-1)

After further struggles from quarterback Brandon Harris, Danny Etling came in during the second quarter and fought off the ghosts of Ryan Perriloux.

6) Florida (2-0)

Make that 30 straight over Kentucky...

7) Georgia (2-0)

Even Arkansas, the King of the Absurd, can handle Nichols drama-free.Come on now, Kirby.

8) Tennessee (2-0)

Did you hear? Tennessee played in a big stadium. Like, you'll never BELIEVE the size of this thing. I mean it was HUUUGEE!!! AND BUNCHES OF PEOPLE CAME AND WATCHED!!!

9) Auburn (1-1)

The offense came alive behind 462 yards rushing, a staple of the Gus Bus. However, it was receiver Kyle Davis who had the highlight of the night when he went all Odell Beckham Jr.

10) Mississippi State (1-1)

Quarterback Nick Fitzgerald had 370 yards (195 rushing) of offense in his best Dak Prescott impression and earned his first conference win.

11) Missouri (1-1)

BREAKING: MIZZOU CAN SCORE POINTS. Granted it was against maybe the worst team in football, but take them where you can, Tigers.

12) South Carolina (1-1)

It's going to be a long haul to get to the end of the season with a quarterback controversy that won't mean much to the rest of the country.

13) Vanderbilt (1-1)

Vandy dropped the rare five-spot in the first quarter before scoring 42 more points in blowing out Middle Tennesse.

14) Kentucky (0-2)

After sustaining 34 unanswered points to Southern Miss, how did the Wildcats respond? Giving up 45 straight to Florida... Buh bye, Mark Stoops.