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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter - Hogs' Uniform History and Track Awards

Plus, who can get to 1,000 yards receiving this year and an update on Brett Eibner.

Arkansas' had some unique looks over the years. Some better than others.
Arkansas' had some unique looks over the years. Some better than others.
Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Uniforms have become a bigger and bigger part of college football in recent years. Like it or not the uniforms have become a recruiting tool for many teams - you can call it the "Oregon Effect." Arkansas' uniforms have really picked up in past 10 years. From the first to the most recent, here is a slideshow of the uniforms Arkansas football has donned in their history. There have been some bad *cough*Adidas*cough* jerseys. Some good jerseys. And the always iconic Apex jerseys worn all too briefly in the 90's.

Last season, the SEC had just four receivers hit the 1,000 yard mark. This year there are primed to be more, and with this being the strength of the Arkansas offense going into this year, it's possible the Razorbacks could have a couple of players reaching for the mark. Drew Morgan and Dominique Reed both make this list, but don't look past the return of Keon Hatcher or the continuing emergence of Jared Cornelius.

Postseason awards are piling in for the men's and women's track teams before the NCAA Championships next week. The men have plenty of awards, as do the women. Both Chris Bucknam and Lance Harter won coach of the year awards, that will happen when you sweep all of the conference tournaments. Jarrion Lawson won the mens Scholar-Athlete of the year award, and on the women's side Dominique Scott-Efurd won co-runner of the year and Lexi Weeks was the Freshman Field Athlete of the year.

Lance Harter feels good about his chances to bring home a second women's title back to Fayetteville, and he should. The team is ranked No. 1 in the country and has 21 athletes heading to Eugene. Harry King has the breakdown of some of the top athletes to look out for on the women's side and he also feels good about the team's shot at bringing home the title.

Brett Eibner's major league career started out hot with a walk-off in his first series. Unfortunately that came to a detour after picking up an injury running down a fly ball. He is on the 15-Day DL now, and talked some about the plan moving forward.