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Arkansas Freshman Kofi Boateng Suffers ACL Injury In Preseason Camp

Hopefully this is the worst thing we’ll hear from camp this year.

Student Sports

You knew the Razorbacks wouldn’t get out of August without some sort of injury. It’s a tale as old as time, and it happened again this week when true freshman wide recevier Kofi Boateng tore his ACL in preseason camp.

It’s obviously unfortunate to suffer this type of injury at any point, but this is about as good a time for this to happen to Boateng as possible. He was expected to redshirt since receiver is considered among the deepest position units on the team, and now he certainly will. However, he won’t get the practice time in the near future that would be important for his development.

Boateng played high school football in Arlington, Texas and signed with Arkansas in February and was ranked among the top 100 players in the state of Texas. Hopefully, he’ll fully recover in time to be full speed by the time the team begins preparing for 2017.