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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter - Attendance and Track Going For More Championships

Plus, Arkansas paid New Mexico State how much?

Football tickets won't be this easy to find in 2016
Football tickets won't be this easy to find in 2016
Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

This years amount of season tickets hit the 50,000 mark, including an increase of total ticket holders. Not only is excitement for the team way up, but some marquee matchups are going to be in Fayetteville this year. The tickets for Alabama and LSU have already sold out, and the games against Florida and Ole Miss are well on their way to joining that list. The university is calling this the best schedule in Razorback history, and if the team wins a few games it could be well on its way to breaking a couple of attendance records.

Despite the rebuilding year, attendance was good for the Razorback basketball team who finished 12th nationally in attendance. Even though there were plenty of empty seats in Bud Walton Arena, and this list is for tickets sold (not physical attendance). It still shows the interest surrounding Mike Anderson's team and as the past has shown, win a few games and Bud Walton will fill up fast. Not surprisingly, they finished second in the SEC behind only Kentucky.

The NCAA Outdoor Championships started in Eugene, and the Razorback men had a HUGE day from Jarrion Lawson. After moving his schedule around some with meet officials, he was able to qualify for the 4X100M, 100M, and 200M finals. Oh, and he won the national title for long jump. You can see some of the action with the photo gallery here. Arkansas ended the day three points behind Oregon but the majority of the finals take place on Friday. Arkansas has six runners in four different events that day. The top-ranked women get their meet started today and Saturday.

Power 5 schools paying smaller schools a fee to play them is nothing new. Arkansas gave Toledo a reported $1 million for last season's game. That record appears to have been broken as it sounds like New Mexico State is getting $1.3 million for next year's game. The New Mexico State athletic department is really hurting financially and also got $800,000 from Arizona State. The team will be out of the Sun Belt and independent soon, so they're looking for money any way they can get it.