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Bret Bielema Press Conference Recap: Arkansas Spring Practice Eve

What's the latest on the quarterback situation? Who's in the doghouse?

Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Bret Bielema held a press conference Monday afternoon to preview spring practice. He talked about several issues. Here's a rundown.

  • Yes, it's still Austin Allen as QB1 as of right now. It's hard to anticipate anybody taking that from him right now. The backup spot is still up for grabs. Bielema described Rafe Peavey, Ty Storey, and Ricky Town as "all kind of equal" but Austin is clearly in front.
  • OL Josh Allen is not with the team right now. Things don't sound good for him. He was expected to compete a starting spot this year. Cornelius Floyd also won't be with the team this spring due to academic problems. Bielema hopes he'll be able to return to the team this summer.
  • Dominique Reed is switching from #87 to #3, if you were wondering what to do with that Alex Collins jersey. McTelvin Agim will be wearing #3 on defense, so that works too.
  • Jeremiah Ledbetter is moving to defensive tackle. The Hogs will need stronger performances from the tackle position this year. Also have to hope Bijhon Jackson begins to live up to his recruiting hype.
  • Randy Ramsey will be starting out the spring starting at linebacker, as should probably be expected. The four linebackers signed in February won't be here until this summer, so they won't be playing with full depth this spring.
  • Speaking of which, with Rawleigh Williams III held out of contact this spring, Kody Walker is the only running back expected to play a significant role this fall who will be able to take contact this spring. Walker has lost some weight to help carry that load.
  • DJ Dean and Drew Morgan will also be held out of full contact drills and scrimmages as both are still recovering from injuries.
  • Kendrick Jackson is back at linebacker after playing fullback last fall. Derrick Graham was recruited as a linebacker and redshirted last year but he's being moved to defensive end.
  • Redshirt freshman Colton Jackson has come on strong and is battling Brian Wallace for that starting left tackle spot. Hjalte Froholdt is also playing well on the offensive line.
  • C.J. O'Grady and Austin Cantrell both missed the team meeting Sunday night (how does that happen?) and are being punished for it. Jeremy Sprinkle is looking great, though.

Coaches love Bielema except for Kliff. And Gus. And Urban. And RichRod. But most everybody else, yes.