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NCAA Tournament 2015: Friday Sweet 16 Schedule, Predictions, GameThread


Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

I went 4-0 with my predictions yesterday so let's keep it going with tonight's games:

UCLA vs Gonzaga: Picking the Zags here because I legitimately think they're better and because I've consistently cheered against UCLA basketball for 20 years straight.

NC State vs Louisville: This is a bit trickier for me, but when in doubt I usually pick Rick Pitino, even if he does look near dead at times on the sideline. And what was up with that beard he was sporting earlier this year? I can't see Mike Anderson doing that.

Utah vs Duke: Going with Duke. They'll surely lose at some point but I don't think it will be here.

Michigan State vs Oklahoma: The Big 12 has suffered through a truly dreadful performance in the NCAA Tournament. I mean awful. Michigan State was underrated as a 7-seed and the Big 12 has been terrible. Also, I'm a Tom Izzo fan. Going with Sparty.

As like yesterday, this post will serve as a GameThread of sorts, so y'all have at it.

TIME (CST) MATCHUP TV Play-by-Play/Analyst/Sideline
6:15 PM (11) UCLA vs (2) Gonzaga CBS Nantz/Raftery/Hill/Wolfson
6:37 PM (8) NC State vs (4) Louisville TBS Lundquist/Spanarkel/LaForce
8:45 PM (5) Utah vs (1) Duke CBS Nantz/Raftery/Hill/Wolfson
9:07 PM (7) Michigan St vs (3) Oklahoma TBS Lundquist/Spanarkel/LaForce

Enjoy your Friday night.