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Arkansas Razorbacks Bracketology NCAA Tournament Projections: February 27th

The Hogs are playing with house money this weekend. Can they move up in the brackets? Here's where things stand after beating Texas A&M.

Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

Obviously, the Hogs can't rush the court in Lexington tomorrow if they score a big victory, but the big debate in College Basketball right now is around rushing the court after Kansas' loss at Kansas State on Tuesday. This all got me to thinking, if Kentucky played in Fayetteville this year, would we expect a court rushing if Arkansas won?  I would think not.  It's hard to rush the court if you beat a team 4 times in a row, even if they are undefeated and favorites to win the national championship. That being said, if Arkansas pulls off the victory on Saturday, reporters, writers, and bracketologists will be rushing to bump Arkansas up the totem poll, and that may be the most important rush of all.

These seed projections will probably be meaningless after Arkansas defeats Kentucky, but we might as well take a look at what they're saying right now so we can laugh at it on Monday.

  • ESPN: 5-seed vs Wofford in Seattle. The winner would play the Northern Iowa/Valpariaso winner.
  • SB Nation: 5-seed in Jacksonville vs Wofford. That winner would play the Baylor/Murray State winner.
  • CBS: 5-seed in Columbus vs the winner of the play-in game between Pittsburgh and Temple, with the winner playing the West Virginia/Harvard winner.
  • Fox Sports: 5-seed vs Stephen F. Austin in Seatlle. The winner would play the Baylor/Valparaiso winner.
  • USA Today: 4-seed vs Louisiana Tech in the East Region. They don't specify locations. In their bracket, the Arkansas would play the Wichita State/Murray State winner.
  • Yahoo! Sports: 4-seed. They don't fill out a full bracket but just rank all the teams. They have the Hogs as #15. That would theoretically match up Arkansas with #52 Murray State somewhere, we think.
  • Bracket Matrix, which averages out all the different bracketologists, has Arkansas averaging a 5-Seed as the 3rd 5-seed.
  • Sports Illustrated: (Last Updated 2/23) 6-seed vs Illinois in the first round (doesn't specify location). The winner would face the Butler/Eastern Washington winner.