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Reasons to Hate: Ole Miss

30-0 was too nice to the Rebels last year.

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We're 4-4. We can hold serve and make a bowl, but that shouldn't be our mindset. That would be backing down.  We stood up to Ole Miss last season, shut em down and made em pay. The history is there. The 7 overtimes, the HDN switch, and every little thing in between. I know Freeze and Bielema are chummy, but the Grove is a place for THE WORST kind of Rebel Black Bears.  In the words of John Paul Jones.... "I have not yet begun to HATE"

Reasons to Hate

1. Rebel Black Bears. Just checking in this year to see if Ole Miss is still doing this stupid mascot thing. Yep, still doing it. Yep, still stupid.

2. 30-0. Oh did we crush you last season? Did we embarrass you? Did you look absolutely horrible? That was because you played bad? You probably wanna blame all of that on Bo Wallace and the injuries? Nobody but Arkansas fans were willing to give Arkansas' defense the credit they deserved until the Texas Bowl. Despite all the great performances, including shutting out offensive mastermind Hugh Freeze, it was always, "they played badly." It was because "Bad Bo" showed up. Not that the Razorbacks shut them down. Still mad about that.

3. Chad Kelly. Marshall Henderson set the bar pretty high for Ole Miss juco transfers, and Kelly has drifted toward that bar a few times. He promised to spray this place with touchdowns but Hog fans are hoping he sprays this place with turnovers. He's thrown 12 picks and had 6 fumbles so far this season (but only lost two).

He's no Ryan Mallett, though, for sure. Mallett just had to ask "Who got a scantron for Ryan Mallett?" and he was legend. He didn't have to make a whole rap song about himself. (Although, to be fair, we'd totally listen to it on repeat if he did.)

4. Getting Healthy. Remember when you lost to Florida and Memphis? It's a shame you were banged up. Listen, I hate this excuse. It's the SEC everyone gets banged up a little. If we lost a starter from a few position groups, that's life, but I hate hearing you complain about losing a guy like Nkemdiche when you play him on offense, too. He's back from a concussion? Not scared. Get healthy, we're going to beat you wen you're at your best, but we're still pretty unhealthy, that's life in the SEC no excuses.

5. Houston Nutt. People too often forget that the crazy started with Arkansas. A lot of people still seem to associate him more with Ole Miss and "heppin". Hey, we earned our insanity first. We were the originals here. And stop acting like nobody warned you. We tried.