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Arkansas vs LSU Preview Q&A with And The Valley Shook

Read our answers to their questions here and here.

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1. I know I'm suppose to troll here, but I like Leonard Fournette. I have never liked a LSU player in my life until now (washes mouth out with bleach). Is there a former All-SEC running back he reminds you of, or is he truly one if a kind?

It's hard to say because what makes him different is the way he sees the field and sets up his blocks. He's almost thinking a cut or a move or two ahead of everything. I've seen big, fast guys before, but never a guy who just seems so in control of the game the way he does. For a portion of the season he reminded me of Darren McFadden, at least in terms of the sense that the big play was inevitable.

2. Brandon Harris is pretty much Brandon Allen circa the 2012 Alabama game (that box score is NSFW, FYI). Why is that LSU always seems to have a backup QB from the intramural fields as their starter?

Well, he's the fifth highest-rated passer in the conference, and he was the second-highest a week ago, so I'd say that's a little extreme. Harris hasn't thrown for huge yardage, but he's been incredibly efficient. I'd be surprised if he doesn't rebound this week.

We just can't seem to tap that pipeline of mediocre brothers like the Allens and the Dicks.

3. So the AD wouldn't agree to John Chavis' terms and he walked. Kevin Steele was plucked straight off Bama's staff and Derrick Henry demolishes you guys, who were their toughest test on the rest of the schedule. Totally an inside job by Saban, right? He puts enough sleeper cells like Steele and Muschamp all throughout the conference and he will rule forever.

Chavis decided he wanted to go work for a coach that kept fewer hours and wouldn't make him recruit. We're better off without him, and most of the struggles this season (and LSU's 33rd in defensive S&P+, so I'd say that's pretty relative) are more due to a couple of thin years of recruiting Chavis left behind. We're stacked in the defensive backfield but have, essentially, two linebackers and 6-7 defensive linemen we trust on the field

4. Les Miles has been there a long time for a coach in the modern era. We know it tends to wear old even if they keep winning aka Richt at Georgia. Will the tide ever turn on Miles like it has Richt?

Well, this summer that was the narrative, wasn't it? And LSU was supposed to finish last in the West, etc... Look, there's a portion of LSU fans that will always want Miles gone so they can go on Tiger Rant and tell people "I told you so." Ultimately, he's going to retire as the greatest coach in LSU history. Yeah, the Alabama thing is annoying, but it's not like anybody else can say they've beaten except Ole Miss. And NOBODY wants to trade places with Ole Miss.

That said, I do want to see how he recovers this team from last week's loss. There's a chance to finish out 10-1 and at least make a New Year's Day Bowl. That's a good season by anybody's standards.

5. Do you guys even care about The Boot?

No. Honestly, I stand by everything I wrote on the Mothership this week. I'd be fine if y'all just said it fell out of the equipment truck on the way down. That said, this game ABSOLUTELY matters, and it's been one helluva fun series in the last 15-16 years, with some crazy games. Beating Arkansas is fun enough. We don't need the trophy for it.