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What Would the Razorbacks Do If College Football Had a Trade Deadline Like Pro Sports?

If there hypothetically were a trade deadline in college football, would the Hogs be buyers? Sellers? A little bit of both? WOULD THERE BE CHAOS YES

Wesley Hitt

If you clicked on the link to this article then you're probably like me in a way. You want to be taken to the hypothetical world of college football teams being able to make trades with teams from other conferences, in their own conference, or possibly even in their own division.

Sometime during the afternoon on the last day of July each year, Major League Baseball wraps up transactions with its trade deadline. And unlike years past, the deadline deals this season were exciting and stunning to say the least (especially in the case of my Cardinals, dealing 2011 World Series hero Allen Craig and Joe Kelly. Detroit also got David Price from the Rays, so no one will ever get a hit off their staff ever again).

Teams have been wary of the trade deadline for months, and the pressure to make a deal amplifies in the final days leading up to July 31. And it really got me thinking about what college football would be like if player trades were legal and the NCAA had a trade deadline, say, by the end of spring ball so kids would be able to adjust to their new home and learn a new system. I think the United States as we know it would explode. The college football landscape would be in chaos.

I can't even begin to fathom the madness and the sheer chaos on the Paul Finebaum Show when an Auburn player is traded to Alabama for a 3* high school recruit or on the last days leading up to the deadline and neither Auburn or Alabama have made a move.

More specifically, because I can only handle so much chaos in my own mind, I began to wonder what kind of players the Razorbacks would be if trades were an actual thing and there were a deadline to beat.

This whole idea would without question tell you who the teams are that are trying to win right now. Example: Team A trades freshman QB and future 4* recruit to Team B for a stud junior linebacker who would shore up Team A's linebacker group. It's really fun to think about.

But my initial thought on the Hogs coming down to the wire was that they would not be sellers. Probably not, anyway. Bret Bielema and his staff could make a deal where they would send younger players to other schools and get a future 3 or 4* recruit Team X is a shoe-in to nab down the road, but I couldn't see it happening.

So what would Arkansas be interested in closing in on the college football trade deadline? They'd likely be in the market for a receiver and a linebacker or three. Now Arkansas did a fairly good job bringing in some talent out wide in this year's recruiting class, but having another playmaking receiver never goes out of style. As far as the linebacker search goes, Arkansas might could pull off something big for the simple fact that the Hogs have something everyone needs – some studly young quarterbacks (or the CFB version of a pitcher).

The Hogs currently have guys that could be a solid trade piece. Young, talented guys with loads of potential – sounds like something a team with QB issues would more than just take a look at. If we all lived in a world where player trades in college were real, they could draw some serious inquiry and maybe get the Hogs the linebacker(s) they need to add some quality depth (but we have recruiting for that in this cruel, cruel world).

One thing this 2014 Razorback football team has is a lot, and I mean a lot, of young, talented players. And as we all know, young talent is attractive, and even moreso when building toward the future. Arkansas has some young pieces that could land them a major college football trade deadline deal, but this isn't a fantasy world and it won't really happen, but you can't deny it isn't an interesting hypothetical.

In my opinion, Arkansas would be buyers, looking to make some additions at key weaknesses that could solve depth issues on the second level of the defense and possibly add a playmaker to throw the ball to.

What would some possible deadline deals be in your opinion? Relax, have fun with it. This could be fun if you just let it.