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What is Hoganese?

The most important made up word of the 2014 SEC Media Days is "Hoganese"

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Well, the Razorbacks have completed SEC Media Days, and one of the most important revelations to come from the mouth of Bret Bielema has been his reveal of Hoganese.  No, Hoganese is not a new play formation that will help the 2014 Razorbacks confuse and abuse the opposition.

Hoganese is a form of communicating.  What some people would refer to as a language or code.  We still don't know if this is a series of grunts and squeals, a variation on pig latin, or if this new language will have the plays being called in  using giant poster boards with pictures of various truffle varieties a Hog might enjoy digging up.

But why introduce a new language?  Why not just copy another one?  It seems to me after watching the Germans win the World Cup, that German is a very efficient language that we could've taught our players in order to avoid opposing offensive lines picking up on our blitzing schemes.

But I digress.  Hoganese is out there in the world now, and get ready for the t-shirts and the mugs and if we win.... maybe the talking heads will be speaking Hoganese when we eventually conquer the SEC - if we ever find out what some of the words are.