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Cover of the Arkansas Razorbacks' Media Guide Released


It's the 50th anniversary of Arkansas' lone national title (at least until claiming others becomes en vogue) so the Razorbacks are honoring that squad on the cover of the annual Media Guide.

The cover, which is usually reserved to highlight returning star players and/or new coaches or some such, features a pose from some of the 1964 players juxtaposed with what appears to be the current senior class at what may be the same spot on the UA campus.

There are obviously a few differences in the spot. Guardrails have been added to the stairs (you know how Bielema is about player safety) and there used to be a little Hog statue and a building behind them. Perhaps someone more familiar with the campus can clue us into what happened there. Gotta keep the Hog statue, right?

Also, according to UA, the media guide cover is the first of it's kind in that it's technologically fancy. You can take a picture of the cover with your smartphone or tablet you can access extra content. It appears you have to download The Reveal app for that. Here's the full release from UA about it.

Overall, not too bad. It's different for sure, and I kind of like that. Reminds me more of a yearbook cover but I think that's ok. I guess. Maybe. I'm not going to pretend it gets me excited for the season, though.