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Arkansas Razorbacks Picked Last In SEC West In SID Poll

The News' 68th Annual Spring SEC Football Report has been released, and the results aren't pretty for Hog fans.

Wesley Hitt

Once again, this summer's collection of SEC previews and polls are most likely going to be unkind to Razorback fans.

It's not that mast fans have any illusions of being one of the top teams in the league this year. We all know we're striving for bowl eligibility. So this isn't a shock.

In a poll made up of votes from the 14 SIDs throughout the SEC, Arkansas was voted last in the SEC West and 13th overall in the SEC - ahead of only Kentucky.

SIDs were not allowed to vote for their own school. One Western Division representative voted Arkansas 6th in the West ahead of Mississippi State.

However, one SID did vote Arkansas 8th overall in the league. That person should reveal his identity so we can send him a lovely gift basket.

The SIDs also voted on an All-SEC 1st and 2nd team, and the only Hog on the list is Trey Flowers as a 1st Team defensive end. Only one. Yikes. Only way to go is up. Well, could be zero players, technically. But most likely, up.