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You've Got $15 - Pick Your Razorback Basketball Starting 5

Because sometimes, memes are all-powerful and can't be ignored.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

If you don't know the drill, you've got $15 dollars to spend. Pick out your starting five.






$5 Lee Mayberry

$5 Todd Day

$5 Sidney Moncrief

$5 Corliss Williamson

$5 Joe Kliene

$4 Ron Brewer

$4 Marvin Delph

$4 Scotty Thurman

$4 Dean Tolson

$4 Oliver Miller

$3 Corey Beck

$3 Alvin Robertson

$3 Joe Johnson

$3 Derek Hood

$3 Scott Hastings

$2 Darrell Walker

$2 Ronnie Brewer

$2 Ron Huery

$2 Isaiah Morris

$2 Andrew Lang

$1 Kareem Reid

$1 Pat Bradley

$1 Lenzie Howell

$1 Marshawn Powell

$1 Bobby Portis

I think I'll take Kareem Reid, Ronnie Brewer, Sidney, Corliss, and Andrew Lang. But it's certainly up for debate.

Who ya got?

(h/t to Derek Oxford for helping me with the list)