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Arkansas Razorbacks College World Series Regionals Projections - May 21st

Can the Razorbacks snag a 2-seed?


Admittedly, these projections all appear to have been made before the SEC Tournament, but it serves as a good jumping off point for figuring out where the Hogs will go now that they've won their first two games in Hoover.

It appaers sweeping Missouri put Arkansas safely in the NCAA Tournament if these projections are to be believed. The only question now is whether they'll get a 2-seed and whether they'll possibly travel to a regional near Fayetteville.

Baseball America released their latest stock report before the SEC Tournament and moved Arkansas off the bubble and safely in the NCAA Tournament after sweeping Missouri. That certainly won't change after winning the first couple of games in Hoover.

Perfect Game moved Arkansas up to a 2-seed in the Louisville regional with Indiana State and SE Missouri State as the 3- and 4- seeds.

Chasing Omaha has the Razorbacks as a 3-seed in the Stillwater regional (Oklahoma State). Nebraska and South Dakota State are the 2- and 4-seeds.

College Baseball Daily has Arkansas in the Tallahassee regional as the 3-seed. Mercer and Bucknell are the other two teams.