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Archie Goodwin Arrested at the Arkansas Skatium

An amazing tsk tsk.

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I know, I know. He wasn't a Razorback and we've moved on and so on and so forth. Totally on board with that. I just wanted to bring this up because of where Archie Goodwin was arrested...


You see, growing up in west/southwest Little Rock, The Skatium rivaled only Showbiz Pizza (now loathingly referred to as Chuck E. Cheese) and the putt putt course where the Olive Garden now stands (and instigated my lifelong boycott of the OG because the putt putt course was awesome). And as such, I was a frequent visitor. We'd skate (what I did was more akin to "rolling" than skating) to Kris Kross and Garth Brooks and everybody else that was popular in the early '90s. And we'd play the hell out of the Ninja Turtles arcade game.

Just the thought of an actual NBA player being there completely blows my mind. 10-year old me would have absolutely freaked out.

I still drive by it frequently because it's right off Kanis Rd, which is on the way to my parents' house. And let me tell you, it has not aged well. It's kind dumpy. I was there for the first time in a couple decades a few years ago and I think they use the same worn down roller skates. Even their website looks like it hasn't been updated in a generation.

So, yes, I find this hysterical that an NBA player was arrested there, or was even there at all to begin with. We're more used to Joe Johnson's giant truck at the downtown loft towers. Not the freaking Skatium. Goodwin is in the middle of a $2.18 million contract. He could have bought like 8 Skatiums. Geez.

I just wanted to share.