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SEC Basketball Power Rankings: March 10

The final regular season power rankings.

Rob Foldy

1. Florida Gators 29-2 (18-0), RPI 2, LW: 1

They avoided catching #SECBasketballFever and went undefeated in conference play. If Wichita State gets a lot of credit for surviving the Missouri Valley unscathed, a conference which is down this year, Florida must get credit for the same accomplishment in the SEC (which is also down this year).

2. Kentucky Wildcats 22-9 (12-6), RPI 19, LW: 2

It will be interesting to see where they are seeded in the NCAA Tournament. They have the same amount of SEC wins as Georgia and have half as many RPI top 50 wins as Arkansas.

3. Georgia Bulldogs 18-12 (12-6), RPI 70, LW: 6

After their non-conference stretch, it is truly amazing they finished tied for second with Kentucky. Their biggest problem is their best win is over Arkansas.

4. Tennessee Volunteers 20-11 (11-7), RPI 46, LW: 5

They're fighting Arkansas for the last NCAA Tournament spot from the SEC. I think it is safe to say the SEC will get three bids at the most.

5. Arkansas Razorbacks 21-10 (10-8), RPI 53, LW: 3

I've never seen a team that likes living on a prayer like this team. They had a chance to lock up a double bye in the SEC Tournament and instead played like a team who thought they were already in the NCAA Tournament.

6. Missouri Tigers 21-10 (9-9), RPI 56, LW: 4

After a one point win over A&M at home and a 27 point loss at Tennessee to finish the season, I wouldn't be surprised if they are one and done in the SEC Tournament and NIT.

7. LSU Tigers 18-12 (9-9), RPI 73, LW: 7

It will be interesting to see where they are on the NIT bubble. It is not that they don't deserve to be in the NIT, but is the NIT going to take four teams from the SEC?

8. Mississippi Rebels 18-13 (9-9), RPI 90, LW: 8

Despite only making one NCAA Tournament in his seven seasons in Oxford, Andy Kennedy has the fourth-most wins in in his first seven years in the SEC, trailing Rick Pitino, Wimp Sanderson and Joe B. Hall. I really only typed out that stat to use Andy Kennedy and Rick Pitino in the same sentence.

9. Vanderbilt Commodores 15-15 (7-11), RPI 110, LW: 9

Two-time SEC coach of the year Kevin Stallings is finishing his 15th season in Nashville. This will be the second season in a row Vanderbilt has failed to make some type of post season play. I wonder if Vanderbilt looks to hit the reset button and go after Bruce Pearl.

10. Texas A&M Aggies 17-14 (8-10), RPI 151, LW: 10

They started off hot, but finished where we all expected them to.

11. Alabama Crimson Tide 13-18 (7-11), RPI 112, LW: 11

This is another team that may enter the Bruce Pearl sweepstakes.

12. Auburn Tigers 14-15 (6-12), RPI 159, LW: 12

I actually think Auburn could be the front runner for Bruce Pearl. They have the money and alumni (mainly Charles Barkley) that care enough about basketball to make it happen. Not to mention they have a nice new arena.

13. South Carolina Gamecocks 12-19 (5-13), RPI 154, LW: 13

They improved their conference record from 4-14 last year to 5-13 this year. Progess is a slow process, especially when talking about South Carolina basketball.

14. Mississippi State Bulldogs 13-18 (3-15), RPI 246, LW: 14

Better luck next year, Bulldogs.

Now that the season is over it is fun to look back and see how people predicted the conference would finish. Here is how the college basketball guys at CBS predicted the SEC to finish. (LOL at Doug Gottlieb).