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SEC Basketball Power Rankings: February 10

It's a big week for the Gators, Georgia won't stop winning, and Arkansas makes a big jump, all in this week's power rankings.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

1. Florida Gators 21-2 (10-0), RPI 5, LW: 1

This week is easily the toughest stretch of the conference schedule for them. They play at Knoxville and Lexington and if they came out unscathed, it’s very likely they could run through the SEC 18-0.

2. Kentucky Wildcats 18-5 (8-2), RPI 10, LW: 2

We will finally get to watch the two best teams in the conference battle it out in Lexington on Saturday when Florida and ESPN’s College Gameday comes to town.

3. Ole Miss Rebels 16-7 (7-3), RPI 53, LW: 3

I said at the beginning of the year that third place was open for the taking in the SEC and Ole Miss has been the only team that has played consistently enough to put at third in this weeks power rankings.

4. Tennessee Volunteers 15-8 (6-4), RPI 48, LW: 4

They need another big win to help their chances to get into the NCAA Tournament and a win against Florida this week would be a huge help. Besides the Florida game, the two games against Missouri are the only opportunities left for quality wins for Tennessee.

5. LSU Tigers 15-7 (6-4), RPI 61, LW: 5

They have habitually shot themselves in the foot with bad losses this season and they have another opportunity to do that in College Station on Wednesday.

6. Georgia Bulldogs 12-10 (6-4), RPI 113, LW: 7

After entering last week on a three-game losing streak, I thought I would be able to drop them into double digits in the power rankings. The variable of #SECBasketballFever is something that can’t ever be predicted as the Bulldogs went 2-0 last week defeating LSU and A&M.

7. Vanderbilt Commodores 13-9 (5-5), RPI 83, LW: 6

They can’t let the home loss to the Hogs bother them with the easy week ahead of them. They travel to South Carolina and then host A&M. No reason for them not to go undefeated this week.

8. Missouri Tigers 16-7 (4-6), RPI 49, LW: 8

Even though they are one of the "last four in" right now, according to Joe Lunardi, their remaining schedule doesn’t provide much opportunity to build their case for the NCAA Tournament. Because they only have one win over a RPI top 50 team, the NCAA Selection Committee may look at them more like a mid-major than a power conference team.

9. Arkansas Razorbacks 15-8 (4-6), RPI 72, LW: 12

The Hogs finally removed the albatross from their neck and won an SEC road game not played at Auburn. I’m definitely getting ahead of myself, but if Arkansas can win the rest of their home games (LSU, USCe, UGA, OM) and then win at Starkville and Tuscaloosa, they will be 10-8 in SEC play. That’s not completely unreasonable, but there is always #SECBasketballFever to be had. All that to say; the Hogs have put a defibrillator to this season and are showing signs of life.

10. Texas A&M Aggies 13-10 (4-6), RPI 138, LW: T-9

Losers of six of their last seven games, it’s safe to say the Aggies are finally playing like who we thought they were.

11. Mississippi State Bulldogs 13-10 (3-7), RPI 166, LW: T-9

Sitting on a five game losing streak, it is safe to say they are no longer a bubble team for the NIT.

12. Auburn Tigers 11-10 (3-7), RPI 147, LW: 13

This is the highest the Tigers have ever been in the power rankings, thanks to winning three of their last four.

13. Alabama Crimson Tide 9-14 (3-7), RPI 110, LW: T-9

I thought Anthony Grant would survive this season, but it is looking bad in Tuscaloosa. I don’t see them winning more than three of their final eight games, which would make them 12-19 (6-12) after his fifth season.

14. South Carolina Gamecocks 8-15 (1-9), RPI 170, LW: 14

I think it is finally safe to say that their 40 year drought of making the Sweet Sixteen is going to continue to its 41st year.